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    Welcome to the Bleach-Rpg Forum~


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    Welcome to the Bleach-Rpg Forum~ Empty Welcome to the Bleach-Rpg Forum~

    Post  Sigi Sat 07 May 2011, 10:39 pm

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Bleach-Rpg's new official forum! I know many of you might be slightly confused as to the events that have transpired, so let me explain~

    With Bleach-Rpg's new management, I felt a forum active by it's corresponding staff would be more beneficial to the concerns of the site. I know some of you are still posting comments and concerns on Jenova and ShadowInTheRain's old forum, so now you have no need to, as they will all be addressed here as soon as possible by me and the rest of the staff.

    With that being said, this forum still needs a lot of work done. As you can tell, the RP section is not up yet. Jenova, Oathkeeper and I will be working on transferring RP from the old forum to this one as soon as possible, but as RP is not the only aspect of this forum, it was opened before that could happen. Please be patient, because that process will most likely be taking us a long time. For those of you who wish to RP, but don't feel like waiting for transfers, or want to start from scratch, you may go ahead and develop a new character using the character sheet Oathkeeper has created. It's different, but really neat, so go check it out! If you have any questions about this, please direct them to her or I.

    Hopefully that covers it all for now. If you have any questions or concerns about the new forum or anything surrounding it, feel free to ask Oathkeeper or I. Also check the News section for more new announcements. Thank you :3

    Tyki Mikk

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    Welcome to the Bleach-Rpg Forum~ Empty Re: Welcome to the Bleach-Rpg Forum~

    Post  Tyki Mikk Mon 21 Nov 2011, 2:29 am

    Why are the text white e.e
    Qhat i look like highlighting is >:c Mad Evil or Very Mad Recationplz firerage HARDCORE Problem? We\'re no strangers

    I r done now >3<

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