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    Because i can >:O

    Tyki Mikk

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    Because i can >:O Empty Because i can >:O

    Post  Tyki Mikk Mon 21 Nov 2011, 2:08 pm

    Tyki Mikk :: is played by :: Tyki Mikk / Tyki >:O

    Because i can >:O Newichigofinal


    .::. All that we see is a dream, whether we see it in the dream state or waking state. .::.


    Same old, Same old

    The only thing that never changesTyki Mikk
    But You Better Call Me Tyki >:O
    Courses Through My Veins HH
    I've Seen this World For ??? years >.>
    As I've Been Around Since12-11
    Making Myself Known As Vizard Leader o3o
    I Classify As a Vizard
    My loyalty lies with Myself


    ★Mirror, Mirror★
    Because i can >:O 621286


    Face Myself
    He was a captain.
    Got bored.
    Came over to the hollow side.
    Learned to control it.
    Became a vizard.


    Wolves in Sheeps Clothing have nothing on me.
    I don't wanna so ill do this
    He is a extremely sarcastic person
    Laid Back/Lazy
    Serious when its time to be
    Doesn't like the Soul Society or Hollows


    Get out of my way

    Can't beat me at strengths
    Though you may win at weaknesses
    I Like likes
    I Don't dislikes
    Keep Away Fears


    I've learned to control it
    It's been here as long as I have Joesph(King of Dreams). A tiger who is Sky blue with gold stripes.
    Crear un sueño eterno
    My mask?
    Sky Blue, Yellow handle/hilt,


    Are we done yet?
    Remember This Sound Sexy and Awesome o-o
    Extra Im Tyki Tf you mean >:O
    Roleplaying Level You already know o-o


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