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    Appearance of the Unknown Beings


    Appearance of the Unknown Beings Empty Appearance of the Unknown Beings

    Post  Guest Sun 29 May 2011, 11:41 pm

    A crescent moon hangs over the dark city of Karakura Town, the night sky illuminating the streets and rooftops, leaving the alleys and doorways shaded. The only sound that can be heard is the wind bellowing through the openings of this town, with small leaves drifting carelessly over the floors.

    But this calm environment is quickly disrupted by a sudden eeriness. Animals scavenging for food quickly flee from this unknown presence, leaving the streets lifeless through the naked eye. Though unseen by normal beings, an invisible enemy begins to horde around each other; Hollows. Spiritual creatures who feast on the lost souls of the dead, known for their violent nature and inhumane ways. But this was uncommon of them to begin to meet together in one place. What could their intent be to have so many dangerous, yet independent creatures have to gather?

    The answer for this question appears behind this large crowd of beasts, revealing that the air itself begins to rip slowly apart into a dark gate. A Garaganta was opening. A Gateway for creatures even more powerful then the beasts that lay in front of it.

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